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Personal guidance

We are always happy to help you! Contact us via e-mail or Whatsapp.

If you would like us to call you back, please provide your phone number and how you can be reached. We will be happy to call you for a personal consultation. WhatsApp

Affiliate program

Do you operate a web site on the subject of genealogy or ancestry research? If so become an affiliate partner of iGENEA and with no effort at all earn €10.00 or CHF 15.00 for every iGENEA product sold over your web site.

It's easy:

Send an email with the following information
- Address of your web site
- Your correspondence address

We will create a user account for you without delay and provide you with a link, which can be used for linking your web site to iGENEA

The affiliate program will begin to run as soon as you insert the link onto your web site (as a banner, text link or in an editorial article)

The commission will be paid out via PayPal or Electronic Funds Transfer