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Ancient Romans?

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Post from iGENEA to 07.10.2009 13:10:38

iGENEA stands for the mixture of People. We are all mixed. A pure individual does NOT exist. Every iGENEA test shows that we are all descendants of different people.

JoŽlle Apter (M.Sc.)

Post from lol to 26.08.2009 22:08:17

Igenea is a joke! Good job on giving light to the fantasies of all the fanatics who want to be pure Romans, pure Germans, pure Aryans. If your company wants some real credibility (yeah, right! - with the "which test is right for you? credibility is low!) you would link your studies with something more than "genetic research". Could you provide me with up to date real scientific journals that support your "racial/genetic" work as being ethical, and truely scientific.

Post from iGENEA to 23.03.2009 11:03:42

Troyans was a political or historian tribe, but their genetic singularity hasn't been discoreved by now. You must be careful with Virgil, he wasn't a historian in our current meaning. He was a great poet and also a chronist of his time, but he didn't work like a historian. So, it is not optimal to cite him.

Inma Pazos

Post from Dzemal Sokolovic to 20.03.2009 19:03:49

Dear Inma, dear Henri, this neverthless corroborates that Virgil (Eneida) and myth might be correct. Does this mean that you have also DNA of Troyans?

Post from iGENEA to 02.03.2009 12:03:11

Yes, but you must differ between the origin and the distribution of a tribe. They are two different things.

Inma Pazos

Post from henri to 28.02.2009 05:02:59

But the Etruscans came from Asia Minor, did they not?

Post from iGENEA to 23.02.2009 17:02:28

No, they had etruscian and italic roots.

Inma Pazos

Post from Dzemal Sokolovic to 23.02.2009 15:02:58

How about ancient Romans? Are they Troyans by origin indeed? If, not - who are they?

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