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Post from @Srdja to 04.07.2011 20:07:51

Admit that you(and other serbians) just don't like the results and you are trying to disprove them.Those 100 was not taken from one neighborhood.

Post from iGENEA to 18.05.2010 11:05:43

Dear Srdja,

you are right, this is one of the problems with data from countries with a small number of tested people.
But as i mentioned we do not publish such numbers any more. Not because the old data is wrong but of course it gets outdated some time and we can not check and review all the new data all the time to provide up to date numbers.

Roman C. Scholz

Post from Srdja to 18.05.2010 10:05:50

100 persons only!!!!
Dear Sir,
That is far too small to make any conclusion. Furthermore, this small numbers are very good for manipulation. For example, I could make you segment of 100 persons that live in Belgrade proving whatever one wishes. Meaning to prove them to be Germans (huge population inhabited region north of Belgrade), Greeks (a lot of traders and priests were coming in the past to the city) Russians (after the revolution immigration was quite intensive). Just name what do you wish prove and we could do it. It is quite simple – Taking into account what is the goal one can easily distinguish by the looks and family names the wanted group and manipulate as intended.

Post from iGENEA to 10.05.2010 17:05:18

Dear Kolovrat,

actually we did not call I2a illyrian. I2a is far to old to exist in just one ancient tribe. Even the subgroup I2a2 - which is typically for the Balkans - was not only present among Illyrians.
The statistics were all based on studies, not on our own testing, because our customers are not always representative for the countries. I do not know the exact numbers because we dont keep this data up to date any more but such statistics are always calculated on a sufficient basis which means at least 100 profiles.

Roman C. Scholz

Post from Kolovrat to 08.05.2010 22:05:33

Dear iGenea!
How many Bosniaks have you tested? Yo got 40% I2a and you call it Illyrian haplogroup. But you got that haplogroup around 20% in Belarus and Ukraine. Anyways, my question is how many Bosniaks have you tested?

Best regards!

Post from iGENEA to 06.11.2009 15:11:24

Dear Mirza Husovic,

I mean the result of the tested markes of the Y-DNA or the tested region of the mtDNA.
Here you can see a sample result for the first Panel of tested markes on the Y-Chromsome:

Roman C. Scholz

Post from Mirza Husovic to 06.11.2009 12:11:29

Dear Roman,
When you say "we have to look at their Y-DNA (or mtDNA) profile, not only at the haplogroup", what do you mean by profile?
Thank you,

Post from iGENEA to 05.11.2009 15:11:32

Dear Mirza Husovic,

It is correct, that I and J are related, but these groups seperated from each other 25.000 - 30.000 years ago. That was long before semitic or any other ancient tribes did exist.
We can not conclude somones ancient tribe from the haplogroup. Because of that we can not conclude a close relation between Bosniaks and Dalmatians and Semitic peoples from these very old haplogroups.
Of course it is possible that some Bosniaks and Dalmatians are of semitic origin but we have to look at their Y-DNA (or mtDNA) profile, not only at the haplogroup.

Roman C. Scholz

Post from Mirza Husovic to 05.11.2009 08:11:12

I am thorough bred Bosniak with I2a positive, and I know of others with the same haplogroup originally from Bosnia.
As I have understood, the Semitic gene seems to be the Haplogroup J(Arabs,Jews,Anatolians,Kurds,Caldians), haplogroup I and J seem to be very close cousins and their predecessor was haplogroup IJ. It has also been found that a large proportions of Jews have the I haplogroup, leading to the belief that the Bosniaks and Dalmatians (note:Dalmatia historically is not Croatia) are of Semitic stock? Dear Inma some comments...

Best regards..

Post from Bosnian to 19.06.2009 17:06:35

Am I understand that Turks they only absorbed people to Istanbul from Balkan like all empires do, they were political empire and they didn't mix with Balkanians in Balkan, they didn't settle Balkan ?

Post from edinRA to 18.04.2009 23:04:41

The latest studies are show's that bosniacs people are have Iliriyans gene. Put soon as you can information about bosniacs, because probably bosniacs are the older people on Balkan, people with with old gene.

Post from edinRA to 18.04.2009 23:04:23

Please, put some information about Bosniacs people... thanks

Post from iGENEA to 27.10.2008 12:10:27

I will put any information about Bosniacs here as soon as we have more news. There is a lot of information about bosnian roots in this forum, I beg you to use the Search tool to find the single threads.

Inma Pazos

Post from BBB to 26.10.2008 16:10:49

More about Bosnics please_