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Bulgarian and Macedonian DNA Projects

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Post from eastara to 23.03.2010 04:03:52

There are presumably 200000 Macedonians in Australia aganst 5000 Bulgarians and even more in USA.
Tito allowed you to migrate where you would like much before the Bulgarians, Romanians, etc. former socialist Balkan people.
Don't tell me they can't afford the test, but in the same time have money to support "human rights abuse" causes in the neighbouring countries.

Post from Rum to 22.03.2010 20:03:37

Haha macedonian,

after you comment you prove my hypothesis that modern Macedonians and Greeks are rather of the same genetic stock (at least of the same mentality for sure!). No politics, just a joke...

Post from macedonian to 22.03.2010 12:03:59

All Macedonians from Republic of Macedonia will join the project when Europe give them 500 billions of Euros. With average monthly salary of 200 euros , it is to expencive for them to pay such research ( starting price 99 eur ). No politics, just explanation.

Post from eastara to 06.01.2010 10:01:40

Agree, but let more people join and we will see. There is a map below, which shows colourful flags representing the haplogoups and places of origin.
Where are the Macedonians from FYROM, they don't seem willing to join the project, while there are numerous on this site arguing their "Antic" origin.

Post from Josh to 06.01.2010 02:01:26

Just because they belonged to the same nation doesn't mean that they have to be genetically identical. South Bulgarians and North Bulgarians can differ genetically. That doesn't mean that one is Bulgarian and one is not. I bet that the Macedonians living near the Serbian border are more related to the Serbs living on the other side of the border than the Macedonians living near the Bulgarian border, who in turn must be more related to the Bulgarians on the other side of the border.

Post from eastara to 27.06.2009 13:06:20

Heated discussions rage on numerous forums about the origin of the Bulgarian and the Macedonians and how they are related.
As you know DNA test may answer many such questions.
There exists for some time a Bulgatian DNA dual geographical project, for now more than 50 people joined.
Recently was created also a Macedonian DNA project:
Unfortunately iGenea shows only some old snapshot of the FamilyTree Surname projects and the Macedonian is not visisble from there yet.

Everybody who tested with iGenea, Family Tree DNA or Genographic project can join.
Soon we will be able to compare results. Everybody can see himself there and don't blame any scientific or political bias.

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