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databases with genealogical data

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Post from iGENEA to 21.12.2009 07:12:16

Thank you for the links eastara. It is correct that most samples are from the British Isles and the United States, thats why it is difficult to conclude anything from most of the public databases. But for the search of relatives they are very helpfull.

The costumers of iGenea can use the FTDNA database which shows matching people and what percentage of a certain country these matches are so someone can estimate where his or her ancestry came from.

Roman C. Scholz

Post from eastara to 21.12.2009 03:12:32

There are quite a few, but all are biased to genetics of British Isles and Askenazi, this is the bulk of people tested until now.

You should do better by testing yourself and convincing other Balkan people to test and join a Family Tree geographical project.
Finally, if you need more comprehensive answers, join this forum:

Post from bojan to 20.12.2009 19:12:17

I was wondering whether there are somewhere freely accessible databases with genetic data associated with location of sample....
so that one who likes to play as a hobby with explaining history via genetics and genetics via history, can make his own program to read database and visualize and study frequencies, variations, possible routes of haplogroups through times and relate them to movements of people recorded in history?