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Genetic Relation Between Slavs

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Post from eastara to 27.09.2009 10:09:36

It seems iGenea has not mentioned in its Bibliograpgy what ineterests people on this forum the most:

"High-Resolution Phylogenetic Analysis of Southeastern Europe Traces Major Episodes of Paternal Gene Flow Among Slavic Populations"

Post from Stefan to 18.09.2009 21:09:55

Hello I am interested to ask are there any gentic relations between Slavs? As some sources say that Southern Slavs excluding Slovenians and northern Croats are very different from the other Salvic people gentically speaking. But on this site it says Serbia is 30% Slavic but Russia i think on this site had the highest number of Slavs at 55% so what percentage must a nation be to be considered Slavic or being gentically?

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