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Haplogroup H

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Post from iGENEA to 14.12.2009 10:12:07

Dear Deniz,

you got your mtDNA from your pure maternal ancestral line.
Because of that, the only persons that matter are your mother, her mother (maternal grandmother), your maternal grandmothers mother and so on.

To answer your question:
Yes, we basically can distinguish at least some ancient tribes like Celts, Illyrians, Thracians or Germans (we can differ between the german tribes).
But, if this is possible in your case depends on your specific profile. Sometimes hvr1 is not enough and also hvr2 is needed and sometimes even a result with hvr1 and hvr2 can be assigned to one ancient tribe and therefore more than one are possible.

If you have tested with another company and you want to have your origins analyzed please write an email to

Roman C. Scholz

Post from jon to 13.12.2009 13:12:56

ANY OF THEM is possible

Post from Deniz to 12.12.2009 23:12:23

According to DNA test,I\'ve Haplogroup H...I\'m from Turkey but half of my motherside are from today\'s northern Greece(Thessalonici or Salonica) the other half is from Central Anatolia(Konya)...And as I know H is NATIVE EUROPEAN like Celtic,Germanic,Goth,Illyrian,Thracian etc...If it is from balkans,does it show I\'ve illyrian or thracian roots,if it is from anatolia,does it show I\'ve Galathian Celtic or Frankish Crusader roots?