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How is DNA test more reliable than Anthropology?

Home » Europe » How is DNA test more reliable than Anthropology?

Post from CultureCanBeTaught to 26.11.2008 09:11:21

'Culture Defines', you are using *your* definition of archaeology. Read a book - the Macedonians and Greeks are separate people. The Macedonians conquered the Greeks in 338BC; it's history, deal with it. The Ancient Macedonians and Ancient Greeks have separate DNA profiles; both of which are shared by a similar proportion (about 1/3rd) of their modern descendants!

If someone is the descendant of their ancestors, that can be seen in their genes. That is what iGenea does - links people to Ancient tribes. It shows a genetic link.

Stating that your culture is the same as an ancient peoples (which it wasn't) doesn't make you any closer to them if you have no genetic link.

If you use your professed similarity in your adopted culture as a basis for denying the rights to the only descendants of that culture, you are creating a rather odd precedent. On that logic I can adopt the culture of your great-grandfather (who may have been Turkish) despite the fact that I am Indian and then make a claim on your inheritance! That may sound odd, but that is effectively what is happening in the current situation. You are not genetically linked to them - leave those who are alone!

Post from iGENEA to 25.11.2008 12:11:08

Please, discuss politics in other forums. And Herodotus: Your threads shows your level, so I don't need to answer you.

Thanks to Greek and Culture Defines.

Inma Pazos

Post from CultureDefine to 24.11.2008 12:11:19

Guys, it doesn't matter what genes you have, what defines a nation is the Culture, which means:

Language, Religion, Traditions, Etc.

If you speak the same language as the Macedonians, and you have the same names then you are Macedonians, and history doesn't care about politics.

Either Archaeology.

So. visit and search books, read, see what the ancestors you like did, and speak, and if you do the same thats ok.

According to Wikipedia Macedonians were a Greek tribe, greek speaking (and as to many archaeologists as well)

So you guys have an identity crisis, read and search a little of bit about the ancestors you want to adopt.

Genes doesn't care about Politics, or even about history and nation, while History and Archaeology doesn't care about politics, but they does care about culture language and religion.

Post from Butthurt Greek to 20.11.2008 22:11:56

Zeus and Herodotus. You are opposing this because the findings of iGenea run contrary to your beliefs about yourselves (and probably the Macedonians). This type of testing has nothing to do with politics. Genes don't care where they came from, why should you?

DNA is used in Anthropology now because it is more accurate than previous methods - which were more open to subjective interpretation. iGenea isn't the only company doing this type of testing - it is used by hundreds of thousands of genealogists.

If you disagree with what iGenea has found there are two possiblities: the DNA testing methodology used around the world is flawed (unlikely), or what you believe about your ancestors is wrong (a lot more likely).

Post from Herodotus to 20.11.2008 18:11:30

u suck ..i am sorry

Post from iGENEA to 17.11.2008 13:11:12

No, genetic research is not more reliable than anthropology. On the contrary, both branches work together and help each other. During the anthropology can resort to years of research and implemented theories, genetic methodes enables us to verify these theories. So we need both branches to advance.

Inma Pazos

Post from Zeus to 15.11.2008 00:11:27

I wish to know how is it possible a simple DNA test to be more reliable than Anthropology research itself; To my knowledge, Anthropological research includes years of research and Anthropometric features (which show to us thousands of genes).So how is it possible one test supposedly show us everything for everyone?
Isn't this a bit strange and even non-logical?

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