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Idea: Ancient Suebi were Vikings not Germanic

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Post from Draven Hildebrand to 13.07.2011 21:07:49

In all my studies of the \"Germanic Tribes\", at the point in which Tacitus, Marcus Aurelias, and Ceasar encountered the various tribes, they all had the shared opinion in relation to the \'physical appearance\' of the \"Germanic Peoples\". Of ruddy to swarthy complexion, brown, red and blonde hair, tall well built frames (endo to mesomorph), extremely warlike, a high regard for the opinion of their women and a great respect for the latter\'s loyalty to tribe, troth and husband. Many studies have been done in relation to the \"purity\" or unmolested bloodlines of the people as a whole in what was then the \"cradle\" of the Germanic Peoples and that of all of Europa. As an example I would sight the Suebi and all the tribes that descended from them. The Marcomanni,(markomanisch)the Langobards,(Langobarden) and others are tribes that broke off and migrated to other areas of Europe. The Marcomanni to what is now known as Bohemia(and elsewhere)and the Langobards to the part of Italia that is now know as Lombardy in northern Italy during the great \"Barbarian\" invasions,occupations and ultimate sack(twice)of Rome! Both of the these tribes WERE GERMANIC and as a result of inter-marriage and the mingling of the races, \"delivered\" or introduced much germanic or nordic blood to other regions such as happened with the ancient migrations of north men into what is now India, the rather swift expeditionary conquests of the slavic peoples by the Swedes to form what is now Russia, the Succession and aggressive occupation of Brittanica by the Engles and the Saxones (Anglo-Saxons) who by force along with some others including the Normans pushed the Celtic tribes into Ireland (Ihreland) and Scottland (Caledonia). As a result very few people in ENGLAND (Engles) now day\'s can claim \"Celtic\" heritage with the exception of the welsch. An example of \"Vikings and Germanic\" tribes mixing to form a subgroup or unique ethnicity is the mixing of the Franks(Germanic-later created France out of Gaul, See Charlemange-creator of the \"romance language\") and Norwegian invaders and competitors for the rights to England(Brittanica). The result of their clash, confrontation or what-have-you resulted in the Norman peoples. We now have Normandy on the northwest coast of France. Vikings?...Germans?...they all share the same Teutonic blood, which in turn was bourn out of the first three tribes ALL OUR people can call forebears,kin,clan,relatives,Bruders. They are the Istaevones, the Ingaevones and the Hermiones. Besides the fact that languages,runes,weapons,customs,names etc,etc...are beyond coincidence in nature there is the truth. Open your eye\'s and your heart and above all STUDY! Knowledge can be abused, even twisted but truth begets hate.

Post from Your name to 11.05.2010 03:05:31

Vikings are Germanic!

Post from bojan to 07.01.2010 22:01:09

of course one caqn say that modern Swedes are as Suebi Germanic, which is true in broader sense of the word...
what I meant that Suebi of ancient times were genetically very related to Swedes of today, and only to much lesser extent to Germans of today...

Post from bojan to 07.01.2010 22:01:00

ancient Suebi are in history counted as Germanic tribe, but in my opinion they were originally Viking tribe...

on picture
one can see different subgroups of haplogroup I
notable is that geographic distribution of M223 is indicating Germanic and M253 is indicating Viking influence... now compare with map from 100 ne
there you can see "mare Germanicum" and "mare Svebicum" (Baltic sea) if Suebi were Germanic tribe, it wouldn't make any sense to name two nearby seas as Germanicum and Suebicum, would it? Well, I think they were not same... looking at map Suebi were M253 (note also M253 in Iberian peninsula exactly in place where Suebi had their kingdom ) while Germanic people were M223...

Thus, similar tribal names Suebi/Suedi actually points out on same origin....

and Suebi were Vikings in origin, not Germanic....

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