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Illyrian database

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analysis from EUR 179

Post from iGENEA to 18.12.2008 12:12:32

There are different methods to analyse, if a tribe can be differed genetically and please consider not all historical and political tribes have a genetic singularity.

- You can compare the DNA form living today people, this was the case, to discover the jewish ancestry.

- you can analyse only archaelogical funds

- you can combine both methods

All genetic studies, where the data come from, are listed under "Bibliography"

Inma Pazos

Post from swan to 17.12.2008 19:12:36

Dear Igenea,
as I could understand you compare the findings with something to come to a result. Can you please tell me how is the genetic characteristic distinguishing Illyrians established? Is it from old cemetery/graves or from living today people?

Thanks alot!