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Kosovo - illyrian root

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Post from Native Bosnian 4ever to 09.08.2010 13:08:35

Bosnians Albanians Serbians Croatians Macedonians and Dardanians are all native to their respective homeland and region.

Beacouse we all have ancient blood mixed up with modern new blood and DNA.

This means onely one thing:

Bosniaks= Native and ethnic people of republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina

Serbs= Native people of Serbia

Croatians= Native people of Croatia

Albanians= Native people of Albania

Kosovarians= Native people of Dardanija

Macedonians= Native people of Macedonia

People stop denie fact and stop use idiotic political propaganda.

We all are native to our own homelands.

this is 100% prooved to be correct and today DNA have prooved that this is only fact and nothing else.

Big regards to all of my Balkan neighbours no matter of your religion or nationality
From the Heart-Shaped land of Pyramids
Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina

Post from IllyrThraco to 05.07.2010 18:07:15

most likely Albanians in Kosova and the surrounding region are of Thracian and Illyrian genetic kinship but linguisticlly Albanians speak the Illyrian language with many words matching with old Thracian which further proves they mingled and mixed many years before bosnian serbian FYROM slavic arrival

Post from Dardan to 21.03.2010 10:03:30

The following is very interesting about Thracians and the kinship with Albanians.

Recent genetic analysis comparing DNA samples of ancient Thracian fossil material from southeastern Romania with individuals from modern ethnicities point to genetic kinship with modern Italian, Albanian and Greek populations, followed by Romanians and Bulgarians.[46]

^ Cardos, G., Stoian V., Miritoiu N., Comsa A., Kroll A., Voss S., Rodewald A., p. 246. "Computing the frequency of common point mutations of the present-day European population with the Thracian population has resulted that the Italian (7.9 %), the Alban (6.3 %) and the Greek (5.8 %) have shown a bias of closer genetic kinship with the Thracian individuals than the Romanian and Bulgarian individuals (only 4.2%)."

We can say that Albanians are very close to Thracians. Since this group inhabited Kosova, we can further strengthen the fact that Albanians are indigenous people of the land that they are currently inhabiting. Serbs are not mentioned that they lived in these lands before Albanians. They come from Ukraine.

Post from Milos Obilic to 14.03.2010 07:03:24

Kosovo is Serbian History , so you can find onley Ortodox history !

Post from iGENEA to 16.03.2009 15:03:09


Inma Pazos

Post from Illyrian_dream totoo to 22.01.2009 02:01:45

In Kosovo you will find 80%turkish and maybe 20%illyrian(the serbs)

Post from iGENEA to 19.01.2009 12:01:12

you forget a lot of important factors: The origins of the ACTUAL population doesn't be the same as the origins of the FIRST habitants in this regions. Kosovo has suffered different migrations an repopulations, so we have different origins, not only illyrian roots.

Inma Pazos

Post from illyrian_dream to 17.01.2009 20:01:58

i agree with you inma, but illyrians was first habitans in europe and this fact come from your scienties studies. i mean if you make studies in Kosovo you will find 80% illyrians 20 % other, because kosovo habitans come from north albania hights mountains,and this mountains never was under any ocupation or expansion.

Post from iGENEA to 12.01.2009 16:01:56

Yes maybe, but you are talking now about the actual folks here, often defined through their religion. This definition is not common under genetists. In Balcan region ethnicity is used as a word like nationality, but ethnicity means, that we belong to different tribes. Serbs, Albanians, Kosovians, Croatians are NOT different GENETICALLY tribes! They are politician and maybe historian tribes, but genetically not. Of course we have differences between the antic folks like the percentage of illyrian or celtic roots, but the GENETICAl fold of Kosovo or of Croatia doesn't exist. No european country is genetically homogenous and this fact is really important to avoid malinterpretations and violations of DNA-genealogy.

Inma Pazos

Post from illyrian_dream to 09.01.2009 21:01:24

In Kosovo live 90% Albanians, 8 % Serb and 2 % other, i mean When you make studies in Kosovo you will find there oldest haplogroup, there you can find more things about Ballkan history, Kosovo is answer about many questions for antic Ballkan