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Post from oscar to 03.05.2010 15:05:59

thank you Roman
cool that im belong a young haplogroup. but sorry about no find so much information about this young group in familytree or igenea or internet . i tried to join
the "R-P312_and_Subclades" - Project
R1b1b2a1b, but i didnt understand much about the group. im going to try again.
thank you again for the little and interesting information you sended me
oscar celtic

Post from iGENEA to 19.04.2010 11:04:42

Hi Oscar,

R1b1b2a1b is the most detailed and therefore youngest Haplogroup you belong to. You also belong to the older groups that are included, like R1b1b2a1, R1b1b2a and so on.
But your closest relatives are within the youngest group - R1b1b2a1b.

This group is defined by the SNP P312 and therefore also namend R-P312.
You can also compare the single SNP Results to the Haplotree at your FTDNA account. The negative tested SNPs define other groups that you do not belong to.

I recommend you join the "R-P312_and_Subclades" - Project:

Just click "REQUEST TO JOIN THIS GROUP" at the left side.

There you can find more informations about that group and compare yourself to the other members.

Roman C. Scholz

Post from oscar to 17.04.2010 19:04:40

i am R1b1b2a1b L21- M153- M222- M269+ M65- P312+ SRY2627- U106- U152-

help me to understand this result