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Post from Neighbour to 22.06.2011 10:06:47

wow...Thanks Hans! Maybe we should open a new section for these guys. Something like "I hate Albanians". You guys are taking things so seriously. why so much hatred towards Albanians coming from Lexandar Srbljanin and Stanislav? You guys have to calm down and take a deep breath...dont insult one the end...who cares where everyone is from? We all share the same planet and warm under the same sun!
Peace, Love and Harmony from your fellow neighbour in Prishtina Kosovo!

Post from Hans to 20.06.2011 13:06:56

I do not know why all this hatred for Albanians...If any of you read only two lines of history, knows that Albanians were the descendants of the Illyrians and the Slavs are Caucazi denizen.
With so little knowledge I have, the Serbian people is the only one who tries to deceive himself, rejects the truth, always have disagreements about certain issue, thinks that others are against the Serbs, etc...

Post from Lexandar Srbljanin to 15.04.2010 14:04:09

Did u understand???
Albanians are from Caucaus, we are Ilyrians!
See the map of Europe in 814 (Serbia or Ilyria is the biggest empire in Balkan, Albanians are villagers from Caucaus):
See the maps of Caucaus:

There are milion maps and u say that Albanians are Ilyrians!?!?!?!?
U are not historic, u are politic!

Serbians are Ilyrians!


Post from iGENEA to 14.04.2010 11:04:46

Please keep in mind, that physical appearance is not determined by the DNA we analyze, therefore i can not give you detailed information about that.

Roman C. Scholz

Post from Stanislav to 13.04.2010 21:04:43


Lol! This is the ethnic structure of Serbia + Montenegro (600.000 people) + Kosovo Albanians (1.500.000 people, if they say the truth): People from IGINEA removed these results because they're not being updated. They don't have to update them because this is the real ethnic composition in S&M.

Therefore, Montenegrins and Kosovo Albanians represent approximately 21% of people in this structure. Once iGINEA detach them from Serbia, all these Illyrian and other »exotic« haplogroups will decrease, at least to 15%. All other groups will increase, and the results of the ethnic structure of Serbia will be as follows:

1. Slavic, around 40%
2. Teuton, around 22%
3. Celtic, around 18% - we assimilated a huge tribe of Celts when we came here, Scordisci tribe.
4. Illyrian, around 10% - mostly from other minorities who live in Serbia and Serbian refugees from Kosovo, Herzegovina and Dalmatia, as well as from a huge number of Montenegrins who constantly inhabit Serbia (some of them look more like Albanians than Serbs).*
5. Semitic groups, around 7% - also mostly from minorities.*
6. Viking, around 3% - some of us brought that from where we came from.

* Some of these groups belong to Serbs and some to minorities.

No dude, you're wrong. An average Albanian is at least 20 cm shorter and darker than an average Serb. They polluted IGINEA results for Serbia. The fact that Albanians have a good deal of Slavic genetics is because Albania was under Montenegro for a while (Zeta, in those times), 10 centuries or + - ago, and some of them surely stayed there. Learn history, buddy. I invite you to come to Serbia to see us, I'll host you personally. You'll lose your mind for us like those 40.000 foreigners who celebrate New Year in Belgrade every year... And then go to visit Albanians... But first protect your butt if you're not a gay...

Post from tzzz to 13.04.2010 04:04:07

Albanians and Serbians are very close to each other and serbians don t like like czech or polnish people,everybody knows it and can see it
i know you don t like each other(serbs and albanians)but you are closer than you want


Post from Stanislav to 12.04.2010 19:04:26

Thank you, Roman for your reply. And thank you, Pat for your support.

Post from Pat to 12.04.2010 10:04:50

Good morning IGINEA

I am from Switzerland and I work 4 years here in Serbia on some projects. I must agree with Stanislav because these results published for Serbia don't match the real state of affairs. How can big white men, 1.90 meters tall have such genetics?! I also worked with other Balkan people including Albanians from Kosovo, and they are totally different people. Serbs and Albanians are to high extent different people, physically and mentally. The Serbs have not semitic and Illyrian genetics. They are Slavs, and they look like all other Slavs that I worked with in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Croatia. I'm also surprised with the results from Slovenia and Czech Republic. If you can't publish separate results of analyses of Serbs, Kosovo Albanians and Montenegrins, than publish at least the percent of samples that you analysed from each nationality. I guess that they all indicate to what nationality they belong.

Post from iGENEA to 12.04.2010 07:04:10

Dear Stanislav,

these results have been removed from the website because we do not keep them up to date at the moment. If we decide to publish such results again we would consider the differences you mentioned.

Roman C. Scholz

Post from Stanislav to 11.04.2010 21:04:02

Hello iGENEA,

I am a Serb from Serbia and according to the published results I can see that these results are not the results of my nation. I would also be grateful if Montenegro and Kosovo Albanians could be detached from Serbia because their genetics is much different than Serbian. We are different physically and mentally. These results that I see are the results of Kosovo Albanians who want to prove that they are \\\"poor Illyrians\\\" kicked by Serbs and massively submit their DNK for analysis. These results published here are actually the results of Kosovo Albanians and not of Serbs. We all know that Albanians are the nation who came from Caucasus here, a few centuries after Serbs.

Post from iGENEA to 28.01.2009 08:01:50

No, unfortunately not yet, given that there are not enough studies, which have analysed Montenegro separated. But, as soon as this will be possible we will update it.

Inma Pazos

Post from Bob to 27.01.2009 18:01:52

I am interested about the statistic from Montenegro but you have the results together with Serbia. Can you give us separate results for both countries?
Thank you.