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Turkish or middle asia material?

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Post from iGENEA to 10.08.2010 12:08:49

Hi Seyyid,

A DNA genealogical origin test shows you the haplogroup (till 60`000 year ago), the antic tribe your ancestors belonged to and where your ancestors came from 40 generations ago, which comes to be 1oth / 11th century.
It depends on the profile, but in most cases we can distinguish between central asian and middle eastern origin.
It is possible to trace back maternal and paternal lineages. Depending on the genetic profile a clear categorisation within a antic people is not possible. In this case, all possible folk will be listed. The report includes maps and detailed explanations.

Roman C. Scholz

Post from Seyyid to 07.08.2010 14:08:23

Hi igenea im from turkey and

i wanna tested my dna but do u have any data turkish origin or middle asia material of dna group?

My origin probably middle asia or middle east.if i i had the test,u would not have explained my origin?but i have indo-european dna group its not matter.Sorry my bad english