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What about Albanian Y-haplogroups or Mt-haplogrous

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Post from Real Illyrian to 30.03.2010 13:03:51

The real slavic Serbs (proto-Serbs) from State of Raska with the Turkish arrival went to Hunagaria and dissapeard there in XIV century. Serbs of today are moslty slavicized Vlachs, Turkish and slavicized ortodox Albanians.

Post from eastara to 27.03.2010 00:03:03

Sorry, did not mean to offend anyone, just repeated the comments in the Dienekes's blog.
However, one should note the danger of genetic testing revealing some unexpected results. Hence all who have some theories of ethnic origins should test themseves first.

Post from iGENEA to 26.03.2010 14:03:26

Dear ...

i altered eastaras post, although the term "Gypsy" is usually not used as an insult or in a pejorative sense, as far as i know.

Roman C. Scholz

Post from .... to 26.03.2010 10:03:25

eastara, thats very insulting, you should be ashamed about this post.
I dont undesrtand how Igenea officials dont ban this posts

Post from eastara to 25.03.2010 03:03:02

There is a new study on Albanian Y haplogroups.

Post from Real Illyrian to 22.03.2010 10:03:47


you are very right, I also noticed that many Austrians have the same faces like us Albanians and i fully agree that they are Illyrians of Noricum tribe. I also found a book written by some Austrian historians called "Austia the home of Illyrians". And in the 90's when we Albanians went as refugees there they welcomed us warmly some of them by sayng that we are relatives. I also found that in some parts of Switzerland they call caw Loba which in Albanian is Lopa. I think that rural Illyrians there survived until late in the Middel ages but they weren't compamt territories so to form any stronger identity.

Post from Ilir to 16.12.2009 18:12:09

Serbs,Croats and Albaniens too

Post from Will to 15.12.2009 00:12:50

Bosnians are Illyrians it gives many more seriousest Facts not only DNA-Facts.

Post from Guest to 27.05.2009 02:05:00

This is also the most plausible explanation about the origin of Croats. They were subdued by Asian tribes who defeated the Slavs, but later they used the term Croat for the whole nation, even though the name has nothing to do with the existing population. The same applies to England. They call themselves English (Angeln - Germans) but in fact they are nothing but Celts.

Interesting facts about how nations developed their identity through centuries.


Post from .... to 26.05.2009 00:05:33

Name Croat(Hrvati) is iranian(but just NAME). Iraninan warrions Croats defeated Slavens in Poland, and that Slavens took a name Croats. When that Croats(mostly Slavens) come from Polan in today Croatia and BiH Ilirians(and Helenians and Phoenician from cities in Dalmatia) became Croats. That is how Croatian histoy says.

Post from Sfiduesi to 14.05.2009 08:05:16


Post from Milos to 06.03.2009 14:03:54

Hello, Illyrian friend!
Where did you find the information that the highest percentage of Illyrian roots is measured among BOSNIAKS in Bosnia? I thought it has been studied for all inhabitants of the Bosnia, which is largely populated by Serbs and Croats?

Post from Illyrian to 16.02.2009 18:02:06

No Breuci! The highest is among the BOSNIAKS in Bosnia!And the Breuci lived in middle and north of Bosnia,by the way the name bosnia is illyrian,the name croatia is slavic

Post from iGENEA to 16.02.2009 14:02:43

Unfortunately, there aren\\\'t enough studies about the genetic pool in austria. As soon as these statistics are possible, I would publish it under \\\"Statistics\\\".

Inma Pazos

Post from Dardan to 16.02.2009 13:02:48

Hello Ms Pazos,

could you please reveal the DNA result of Austrian population.

I am interested to know to what extent the Illyrian persisted in that area. Knowing the fact that the main population of Austria in the Noricum kingdom were Illyrians.

The fact is that Celts ruled over the country but the rural native population were Illyrians. Most of cities in Austria were build by Illyrians. For example, Salzburg (Seat of Gods, Iuwawum in Illyrian) or many other cities.

Even with the arrival of Germans in the Mediavel Age, I would still assume that the population survived as Illyrians.

How? Looking at people in Austria. We see many faces with looks similar to the Balkans where we have strong evidence of Illyrian presence.

Please let me know about the results and your opinion about the Illyrian DNA in Austria.

Best regards,

Post from Breuci to 15.02.2009 13:02:42

The highest is among CROATS in Dalmatia and Herzegovina?

Post from Illyrian:) to 22.01.2009 02:01:40

The highest is in Bosnia

Post from iGENEA to 20.01.2009 11:01:30

Yes this is true, but please consider: Our data doesn't come from our study, but from different internation studies carried out by universities (complete list under Bibliography). The porcentage of illyrian roots is in Bosnia, Croatia and Albanian high.

Inma Pazos

Post from klenti to 19.01.2009 21:01:27

in which existing country of the balkans was found by your study the highest illyrian ascendants.
i read some of your messages in the forum, and you are saying that, illyrians are the oldest tribe of balkans. is that true?

Post from iGENEA to 18.12.2008 12:12:59

Attention!!! Not Haplogroups are defining primitive tribes!! This conexion is absolutely wrong. Tribes are determined through genetic markers.

So, it is not R1b responsible for celtic origins. Both statistics are on the website.

Inma Pazos

Post from Ladi to 18.12.2008 01:12:21

I can't find this on Statistics..
Please can you tell me wich haplogroups is resposable for Illyrian, Phoenician or for examble slavic origin...

Thanks in advance

Your origin analysis