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What about Mustafa Ataturk's origin (Turkey)?

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Post from Oltos to 23.06.2011 02:06:29

Mustafa Ataturk was born in Western Macedonia and he is macedonian, not bulgar, maybe he had and some vlachs origin but generaly he is a macedonian , in his borne village there is a museum in his born house, in Western Macedonia, thanks

Post from Mihail to 22.06.2011 15:06:27

The village, where Ataturk is coming from is half bulgarian muslems and half albanian muslems. He is not turkish.

Post from hansa to 20.06.2011 14:06:04

i think, the origin of Mustafa Ataturk is Albanian...

Post from iGENEA to 20.06.2011 12:06:59

Dear Mohamed ali,

we have no genetic data about the family of Mustafa Ataturk.

Roman C. Scholz

Post from Mohamed ali to 13.06.2011 05:06:36

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