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George Wood ... Smuggler

1784 Dec 30 - Hastings fisherman George Wood (my 4th g/g) was shot dead by a soldier while trying to escape on his boat from revenue officers. The soldier was convicted of murder, but then pardoned and freed (from Hastings Chronicle scroll down to 1784.
He was buried January 3rd at St Clements Hastings.
He was most probably a smuggler.
Not recorded in Hastings files but I do have newspaper clippings supporting the incident.

Information about the author

I am Joe Twitchin formerly of Paddington Green West London and I live in Parramatta NSW Australia.

Uploaded images and documents

Document 1
Document 2
Document 3

Authors haplogroup(s)

Paternal lineage: R-U106
Maternal lineage: I1a1b

Authors ancient tribe(s)

Paternal lineage: Germanic peoples
Maternal lineage: Germanic peoples

Authors region(s) of origin

Paternal lineage: North-West Europe
Maternal lineage: to be determined

Authors DNA profile

Paternal lineage STR
Locus   12345678910
DYS#   39339019391385426388439389I392
Allele   1324141011-141212121313
Locus   11121314151617181920
DYS#   389II458459455454447437448449464
Allele   31179-1011112514193015-15-16-17
Locus   21222324252627282930
DYS#   460Y-GATA-H4YCAII456607576570CDY442438
Allele   111119-231715171639-401212
Locus   31323334353637383940
DYS#   531578DYF395S1590537641472DYF406S1511425
Allele   11916-16810108101013
Locus   41424344454647484950
DYS#   413557594436490534450444481520
Allele   22-2217101212148122120
Locus   51525354555657585960
DYS#   446617568487572640492565710485
Allele   13121113111113123315
Locus   616263646566676869707172737475767778798081828384858687888990919293949596979899100101102
DYS#   632495540714716717505556549589522494533636575638462452445Y-GATA-A10463441Y-GGAAT-1B525712593650532715504513561552726635587643497510434461435
Allele   916122626191211111211912121011112913132413101020151913241611162412241810141791212

Maternal lineage
HVR1 differences
16129A, 16172C, 16209C, 16223T, 16311C, 16519C
HVR2 differences
73G, 199C, 203A, 204C, 250C, 263G, 315.1C, 455.1T, 573.1C, 573.2C
CRS differences
750G, 1438G, 1719A, 2706G, 3447G, 3990T, 4529T, 4769G, 6734A, 7028T, 8251A, 8616T, 8860G, 9947A, 10034C, 10238C, 10398G, 10915C, 11719A, 12501A, 12705T, 13780G, 14182C, 14766T, 15043A, 15326G, 15924G
The mitochondrial results are represented in comparison with the Cambridge Reference Sequence.

This story has been published on: 10.01.2014

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