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T.S. Gohaidan: A Letter of Introduction

May 5, 2013

Hello, My name is Tarik Sammy Gohaidan:

I didn't know my father, past the age of 3. He was married to my mother, Carol Ann Trapp. They met at Western Oregon State College, 1968 or there about. My father’s name is: Dr. Mohammed sultan soliman Gohaidan. My mother’s family tree is made up of American colonials that themselves descend from landed gentry of England. Every family and marriage on her side is consists of armigerous titled families. The lords of Ufton court, in Berkshire, etc.
I know next to nothing about my father’s side of my lineage, and I have found very little information about him. When I first found out about I- genea it seemed like good a way to find some answers, which have finally appeared. I plan to finish these tests as soon as I can. However, this process has been far more emotional than I expected. This year I hope to contact any of relatives, which I have yet to meet.


T.S. Gohaidan

This story has been published on: 20.05.2013

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