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A surname project is a great way to combine traditional ancestry research with DNA genealogy. In a surname project, an investigation of the biological relationship between men with the same or similar surnames is conducted. This is especially helpful if the common ancestor lived at a time in which surnames already existed, but for which no written records have survived. Over the course of time or owing to emigration, surnames can change so much that the common lineage is no longer apparent: Howery and Hauri, for instance.

A surname project enables you to find people with whom you share common ancestry and can exchange information (such as the family tree). Therefore, the information content of your family history quickly increases. In contrast, you can also exclude namesakes who do not belong to your family.

Starting a surname project or joining an existing one is free of charge.
By participating in a surname project, you benefit from special rates for tests of the paternal line. Existing projects can be found here: surname project

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