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The Abdali Surname Project


Wazirzadas are Sadozai Durranis. The name is given to the descendants of the Grand Viziers or Wazirs of the Sadozai dynasty established by Ahmed Shah Baba in 1747. Wazirzadas are mainly living in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan. They are Pushtuns/Phatans by race. Sadozais are a very prestigious tribe of the Pushtuns. They descend from another famous tribe of the Pushtuns; the Popalzai. Popalzais are children of Popal, an Afghan chief who lived about 700 years ago. Popal the son of Zirak was a descendant of a prominent Afghan tribe the Abdalis. Abdal was the son of Tarin who has descended from Kais Abdur Rashid; the father of all Pushtuns.



Other surnames in Project

Abdali, Barakzai, Durrani, Popalzai, Sadozai, Sarabani, Shahzada, Tarin, Wazirzada

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