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The Ailstock,Aylestock, Surname Project


Established March 2006 The Ailstock, Aylestock, Aylstock, Alestock (All Spelling Variations)and Hailstock, Railstock surnames. Testing is a means that will be used to help identify related lines within the surname for genealogical purposes. Testing has the ability to be matched worldwide. The purpose of this project is to analyze Y chromosome DNA of males with the surname variations of the Ailstock surname to learn more about the interconnections between and within families of those surnames. We are also intersted in learning if the families of RAILSTOCK and HAILSTOCK may also be related to the families of AILSTOCK (all spelling variations) and are hoping that through DNA we will be able to learn if this is the case. Have you hit a brick wall? Trying to tie family lines together? Can't find your ancestor's birth land? Could you be related to another family with the same or different surname? Wondering if you are of Native American blood? And so on? These latest tools for your genealogical research could quite possibly help to aid you in solving many of these riddles. Y-DNA testing can only be used if you are a male, whose father was a male with the same surname of this study, whose father was also a male of the same surname of this study, on back into time. However, if you are female, you can still take part in this study if you can find a male in your family who fits this criteria, who will be willing to do the DNA swab and allow you (the female) to be the contact person. Hence, you, the female, would pay for the testing and the male uncle, brother, or so on would donate the DNA for the Y-DNA testing. If interested in the MT-DNA testing, both females as well as males, who are descendants of a mother, grandmother, greatgrand and so on, can take part in the MT-DNA study. Results will be added to the webpage for Y-DNA study.



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Ailstock, Alestock, Any variation of the surname, Aylestock, Aylstock, Hailstock, Railstock

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