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The Amirault Surname Project


The only clue we have to lead us to the origins of our family's patriarch Francois Amirault 'dit' Tourangeau, is his name. The word 'dit' in Francois Amirault 'dit' Tourangeau literally means, 'known as' or 'I am'. The name 'Tourangeau' is the name given to those from Touraine as we call those from Canada 'Canadians'. Thus we have; Francois Amirault 'I am' (from) Touraine. As confirmation of this information, it has been proven that Amirault was a well-established family name in this area of France in the mid 17th century. Many Amirault descendants still live there today. This gives us a starting point for our search in France and seems to be a clear indication that Francois was from this part of France. However, over 40 years of searching by genealogist and Amirault expert Jacques Amirault, has yet to turn up any evidence of Francois' origins. It was because of these challenges that the Amirault / Mireault DNA project was initiated.



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Amero, Amirault, Amireault, Amiro, Emero, Mero, Merrow, Mirault, Mireau, Mireault

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