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The Amyx Surname Project


For anyone born with the surname Amyx. The various spellings found on official documents will also be added. This should help find other relationship matches. This line asserts that all people with the surname Amyx come from a common male ancestor named Mathew Amyx born approx 1715, country of origin as yet unknown. We hope that members who are testing from the different lines of the two brothers Mathew and Samuel, asserted sons of Mathew, will prove through testing that we are all direct descendents. People who know they have been adopted or suspect they are members of a different descendant but through the same lineage are welcome to join. Members who may be of a different descendant but of the same lineage might be children who were born of one brother but went to live most of their lives with an uncle, aunt, cousin etc. Testing from these members should help with verifying Mathew 1715 as our MCRA- most recent common ancestor.



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