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The Arain?????? Surname Project


More than 10 Million Arain people live in subcontinent Pakistan & India. They trace their origin, lineage and recent history, migration to Subcontinent (aka 700 A.D.) from ?r??? ????? also called Jericho. Most Arain however propose descent from Arabs belonging to Muhammad bin Qasim's expeditionary force to India. This assertion is supported by numerous references made in several Urdu language text books; Tareekh-e-Arain, Sham Ta Multan, Tareekh Frishta, Tohfa Tul Ikram and Aina-e-Haqeekat Numa. This group here is formd so as to interact among the Subcontinential and International Arain Community and to further expand itself globally by tracing and discovering genetic linkages with communities of same genealogy and genetic make-up. One would wonder what an Arain's genetic cousins in other countries and cultures around the globe having different history and family or surnames would be like ? And what diverse culture and traits they may share ! Now genealogy can link us togather ! Come and join the group. Informative web links about Arains in Subcontinent:

Other surnames in Project

Araie, Arain, Chaudhry, Khan, Malik, Mian, Raie, Ramay, Saleemi, Sardar

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