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The Autry Surname Project


Objectives: 1. Identify others who are related 2. Prove or disprove theories regarding ancestors 3. Solve brick walls in our research. The Autry DNA Project will begin with the 12-marker Y-chromosome test. 12 markers are sufficient to determine whether or not two people are genetically related, and the 12-marker project price of $99 is more affordable for participants. Later, interested participants can upgrade to the 37 marker test if desired. (The objective of the upgrade to the 37 or 59 marker test is to further reduce the time frame of the common ancestor between the matching participants. The common ancestor is also referred to as the Most Recent Common Ancestor, or MRCA. Typically, participants are very interested in upgrading their 12 marker test to 37 markers when a match occurs. Two individuals are considered related for the 12 marker test if they match 12/12, 11/12, and sometimes with 10/12. In the first two situations, an upgrade to the 37 marker test is recommended. If you're visiting our Autry DNA Project webpage for the very first time and are considering becoming a part of this historic family research, consider this. In order for the project to be a success we need direct male descendents, since the Y-chromosome is passed from father to son. As you know, there are numerous variations of the family name, each representing a family line in our great, extended family. If you qualify as a 'direct male descendant' we would appreciate it if you'd paticipate as the Genetic Representative for your particular family line. Your DNA sample could serve as a turning point in our research. Think of your ancestors, think of your children, and consider the this moment in history... then join us as we explore our family legacy.



Other surnames in Project

Artray, Audry, Aughtery, Aughtree, Aughtrey, Aughtry, Auteray, Autery, Autray, Autre, Autree, Autrey, Autrie, Autry, Awtery, Awtray, Awtrey, Awtry, Baca, Bachle, Baubie, Bauby, Caughtrie, Caughtry, Cautry, Coughtrie, D'Aughtry, D'Autery, D'Autrey, D'Autry, Daltry, Daugherty, Daughtry, Kaighen, Kaighin, Kaighn, Keighin, MacAuchtraigh, MacAughtrie, MacAutraigh, MacAutrey, MacAutry, MacCautrie, MacCautry, MacOrtrie, MacUchtrie, MacUchtry, McAuchtry, McAughtrie, McAutrey, McAutry, McCaughtry, McCautry, McOrtie, McOrty, McUchtraigh, McUchtrie, Orterry, Ortray, Ottery, Ottrey, Outray, Outry

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