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The Ayala Surname Project


The surname Ayala although not rare is an uncommon surname which may be found in many Hispanic countries including Spain, Puerto Rico, Cuba, México, Colombia and many others. It has both patronymic as well as toponymic roots. Thus, many Ayala may or may not be related genetically. Patronymic Origin: The Valle de Ayala was the ancestral home of the first to bear this surname. This was the Aragonés Don Vela Sánchez, son of Ramiro I, the first king of Aragon who was born in 1035 and married in 1063 to a gentlewoman of the house of the Count (Conde) of Barcelona. Ramiro the I was himself the son of the king of Navarra, Don Sancho III (known as El Mayor). Don Sancho was in his turn grandfather to Alfonso VI, king of Castilla or Castille. The title Señorio of Ayala was formally created in 1074 by the kingdom of Castilla. The casa solar or casa fortaleza of this lineage was founded in the Valle de Ayala. In time, with the continued succession of the señorio, the descendants of Don Vela Sánchez took the name of the Valley as their surname. Toponymic derivation: El Valle de Ayala is located in the province of Álava in the Basque country. It is also recognized as the place of many river crossings since the rivers of Nervión, Llanteno, Altube, Izoria, Izalde and Oquendo crisscross its fertile lands. It is known as a pastizal, a fertile and abundant pasture. If you are interested in discovering your roots to the surname Ayala, no matter what your Hispanic country may be, you are welcome to participate in this project.



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