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The Azoff Surname Project


The goal of the Azoff Surname Project is to determine whether various families with the name Azoff, Azef, and similar names, who lived in Russia in the 1800s, are related to each other or not. I believe the Jewish Azoff families, at least, may all be related, because of a family story I heard many years ago about one of my Azoff ancestors. According to this story, my ancestor was a traveling merchant whose route extended from the Black Sea area to Poland. This was before the railroad was built about 1870. Because the trip took more than a year, and the roads were too muddy to travel on in the spring, he needed places to stay for a few months at a time at different points along the route. He solved this problem by having his many sons settle at different points along the route. A look at the known locations of different Azoff families in the 1800s shows that they were indeed distributed along such a route between the Black Sea and Poland. Further evidence that these families were related comes from the fact that there were Azoffs in several different families who were tailors. Such occupations tended to be passed down from father to son in those days. There are also several first names that are repeated in different Azoff families in the 1800s, suggesting that the people were named after a common relative.



Other surnames in Project

Azef, Azeff, Azev, Azof, Azoff, Azov

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