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The BAIRD-BARD-BEARD Surname Project


A Group Study for ALL Variations of BAIRD, BARD, & BEARD. We hope to attract other male, BAHR, BAHRT, BAIDE, BAIRD, BAIRDE, BAIRT, BAR, BARD, BARDE, BARR, BART, BARTH, BAYARD, BAYRD, BEAIRD, BEAR, BEARD, BEER, BERD, BIARD, BIERD, BIRD, MACINWARD, WARD (and all other surname variations) as participants in this group project. There seems to be only one viable means to overcome the obstacles that name variation presents to ALL of us, and make any pre-immigration genealogical sense out of all of this... And that is DNA research.If you have ANY questions or reservations concerning this DNA Y study, please don't be afraid to e-mail the study administrator.If you have a variation of this surname, or you have probable variants in your old world or ancient genealogy, then you're in the right place! PLEASE join our group study and be tested. I'm sure most of you could relate name variation incidents and problems in your research history. This group DNA Y Project has two main objectives. The first relates to determining relationships between persons and families bearing the name variants in recent times. There are many BAIRD, BARD BEARD, (and other associated surname variations) throughout North America and the world that may have direct connections through a common ancestor. Or, They may have more remote, indirect, or distant connections with each other, partly because surnames became modified over generations as families migrate to new areas, and for various other reasons. The second, broader objective then, is to trace all BAIRD, BARD, and BEARD, and variants back into Europe and beyond to determine their connections via a common ancestor.Participation in this project is limited to males bearing the BAIRD, BARD, BEARD (or variant) surnames. For more information click the link above, and/or go to: Check out our new guestbook here:;lang=english;skin=;invsession=DuxnkT75lxDIBxICJH3kRgcu7ja7;action=;start=;maxindex=;order=;suche= ----- Andrew BEARD of Billerica, MA: *FREE* Y-DNA Test for Descendant! A *FREE* Y-DNA test is available to the first well-documented direct male-line descendant of Andrew-1 BEARD of Billerica, Massachusetts who contacts me privately at The purpose of the Y-DNA test is to confirm a highly probable line of descent from Andrew-1 BEARD for men featured in my next article for the scholarly genealogical quarterly, The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record ( Y-DNA of these men?s descendants matches, confirming that they share a common BEARD ancestor. Conventional genealogical research indicates that these men are heretofore unknown descendants of Andrew-1 BEARD.



Other surnames in Project

Bahr, Bahrt, Baide, Baird, Bairde, Bairt, Bar, Bard, Barde, Barr, Bart, Barth, Bayard, Bayrd, Beaird, Bear, Beard, Beer, Berard, Berd, Biard, Bierd, Bird, Burd, Byard, Byrd, DeBard, however, Hubbard, LaBard, LamBard, Lombard, Lombardi, LomBardo, MacinBaird, MacInward, McNeil, Niezgucki, Niezgudka, Stiebar, Ward

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If you want to join the BAIRD-BARD-BEARD project please order your DNA test here.

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