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WELCOME to the newest way to untangle that confusing family tree! BAPTISTE and variant spellings listed are of interest as we attempt to confirm and/or rule out relationships among the many BAPTISTE lines. We also encourage male participants with the surname BAUDREAU / BAUDRAU / GRAVELINE to join this group project. Any male who has the BAPTISTE surname (or a variation listed) is invited to join. The BAPTISTE-DNA Surname Project seeks to prove descent from common ancestors and thus provide pointers for further research in a focused area. There seems to be only one viable means to overcome the obstacles that name variation presents to ALL of us . . . and that is DNA research. If you have ANY questions or reservations concerning this Y-DNA study, please contact Group Administrator. This project is available to you as an extension of your genealogy studies. DNA research, when coupled with a particular surname, can help you cut a straight line to a distant ancestor - which will give you direction in your traditional genealogical research. Also, taking the DNA test will preserve your family's DNA sequence for future researchers if the male counterparts of your surname disappear for whatever reason. With the use of DNA testing, we hope you will be able to remove blocks and create crossroads in the traditional paper trails to connect with others of the same DNA. DNA matches will provide the much needed scientific proof of a common ancestor which cannot otherwise be proven due to the lack of extant paper records.



Other surnames in Project

BAPTISTE, Bateaste, Batiste, Battice, Battiest, Battiste, Baudrau, Baudreau, Bautista, Graveline

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