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The Barnett Surname Project


The 1850 Federal Census lists the names of Barnet/ Barnett/Barnettes born in every state in the United States plus nearly every country in the world.This project is created to gather together by groups all Barnetts of any spelling from anywhere in the world.Many who spell their name Barnet/Barnett/Barnette today will find their name may actually have been spelled another way in the past- Barnard, Bernard, Barhart, Barnhardt, Bernhard, Bernardi, Barnardi and many others.Please visit our main website at Please also visit our Family Tree DNA site which has the latest results posted at:



Other surnames in Project

Barentje, Barnard, Barnat, Barnatby, Barnet, Barnetskie, Barnett, Barnette, Barnettson, Barney, Barnhardt, Barnitt, Barnitz, Berjinski, Bernard, Bernardi, Bernardo, Bernare, Bernhardt, Bornett, Borney, Burnet, Burnett, Burnette, Burney

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