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The Beckham Surname Project


What we know: That Wm Becham was transported to America as an indentured servant in 1638. (Some say 1641) However, we also knowthat a Jno Becham came in 1657, another Jno Bechem came in 1695 andCarsten Beggam (Beckham)came even earlier, in 1622/23. (Carsten was a young man who petitioned thegovernor to send him home as his father and uncle had both died so we canprobably rule Carsten out as the Immigrant) Most Beckham Researchers say that the Immigrant Ancestoris the William Becham who came as an Indentured Servant in 1638 or 1641. Orcould it have been one of the Jno Bechams? Most Beckham researchers say that WilliamBeckham is the son of Richard Beckham ofNorfolk England. However we haveRichard?s will, parish records with the christening dates of each of hischildren and we have Richard?s very beautifully written and detailedpedigree. He had no son named William! Most researchers say that Simon Beckham is the son ofWilliam. However we have records showing that Simon Beckham and his wifeLidia transported themselves to America in 1703 which means that they were married before they came to America! Are Simon and Lidia the Immigrant ancestors? Some researchers think so. We know there were many Beckham?s in Norfolk CountyEngland. But we also know thatthere were Beckhams in at least a dozen other counties in the 1500 -1600?s.(See Boyd?s Marriage Index) Many competent Beckham Researchers have worked long andhard to prove who the immigrant ancestor is and where in England he came fromwithout success so far. This is why we need a Beckham DNA project! To learn What we don't know: Who the Beckham Immigrant Ancestor is and where he come from!



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