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The Binkley/Pinkley Surname Project


The Binkley/Pinkley DNA Project's primary focus is on male descendants with the Binkley or Pinkley surname (or variant spellings). The primary objective is to try to identify and tie together the various Binkley/Pinkley families to assist in proving the relationships scientifically using Y-DNA. To utilize this type of testing, the person taking the test needs to be a male carrying the surname of Binkley or Pinkley. If the male currently does not carry the Binkley/Pinkley surname, contact the administrator, Cheri Mello, through the email address above. The secondary focus of this project is with any descendant (male or female) with the Binkley/Pinkley anywhere in their tree within the past 10 or so generations. Family Finder results along with your Gedcom will be used to connect you to your Binkley/Pinkley cousins as well as many other cousins from all lines in your pedigree. Current Y-DNA participants' results can be viewed on the website above. Please contact me, Cheri Mello, for further information or questions. Email link above.



Other surnames in Project

Binckley, Binggeli, Binkley, Binkly, Pinckley, Pinckney, Pinkley, Pinkly, Pinkney

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