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The Bleifer-Blafer Surname Project


The Blafers (Bleifers)in my known family came from Ukraine. Genetically, they are from the Middle East and SouthEast North Africa. The name is pronounced with a long a, s in state. An unrelated subgroup of Bleifers came from the Crakow Poland area. The family website is a Library holding archives for the paternal and maternal families of Jerome Lionel Blafer and Deanna Naomi Goldstein. Eight families pedigree lines are included - Blafer(Bleifer), Bein, Chalek (Chalick, Cheilek, Chalik), Cutler, Groveman (Gruvman, Gruverman), Cutler, Goldstein (Zoltkevitz)), Sczupakewicz, Kutcher (Kuczer), and Steisel. If you think you may be a member of one of these families, please contact me. Fo those in the Family Library, this project is 'theirs' since it adds to their self-awareness and is something that will be passed on to the generations that follow us. DNA shows that the Bleifer family, originally centered near Krakow Poland, is not in my Blafer pedigree line. However, we have a website that shows their pedigree lineage. Write to me for a direct access web address.



Other surnames in Project

Bein, Blafer, Blajfer, Blayfer, Bleifer, Blejfer, Catler, Chalek, Chalik, Cheilek, Cutler, Geylik, Groveman, Gruvermann, Gruvman, Gruvmann, Kotler, Kuczer, Kutcher, Kutler, Kutscher, Sczupkewicz, Steisel, Zoltkevitz

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