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The Bonner Surname Project


This project is intended to show linkage (where it exists) for all persons of the BONNER surname (or spelling variants) worldwide. With enough participants, we should be able to determine how many separate BONNER trees there are. Furthermore, upon confirmation of DNA types, we should be able to develop a _litmus test_ for these lines. In this way, any new participant could be tested, and immediately know which 'Bonner tree' he comes from. We already have 3 such litmus tests, and are working on the rest.If you are a BONNER, then please participate. If you are not, then please convince someone who *is* a male BONNER to participate on your behalf.I am always happy to try to answer any questions anyone may have about the BONNER Surname DNA Project, or to talk BONNER genealogy in general.



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Boner, Bonner

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