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The Boorman/Borman Surname Project


Do all the persons named Boorman spring from a common ancestor? Is there any truth in the story that there were three Dutch brothers who came to Kent / or Lincolnshire? There are certainly three major lines of Boormansoriginating in the UK but so far no connection has been found by searching conventional paper trails. Well-established surname directories are quite certain that the name is a corruption of Bowerman - a servant of the bower. They attribute Boorman, Boreman, Boreman, Burman, and Bourman to the same source. This would make the name location/occupation based much as "Smith" or "Butcher" Many feel that the spelling variations of "Boorman", "Bourman" etc., are due to the interpretation of local accents of speech; the recording clerk wrote what he thought the person had said. Whether on not this theory stretches far enough to include "Bowerman" is debatable. In the last ten years DNA testing has made it possible to check out some of the ideas. Y - DNA testing works on the direct male line only and as such is just what we need to give more clues to the Boorman/Bowerman mystery. DNA testing is not going to save all those hours searching records but it may encourage researchers and guide them on new lines of investigation. It will not solve parental mishaps and it cannot cope with adoption. It could show that we are from a common source, which would demolish the Bowerman theory.



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