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The Bowes(andvariants) Surname Project


This is your chance to be part of DNA research into these names! Prospective joiners want to know they have a chance to learn meaningful information from their matches. In exchange for receiving a discount for ordering through our surname study project, all participants are required to complete their earliest known patrilineal ancestor field (name/date/place to the best of their knowledge), and to provide their patrilineal lineage as far as they know it. The Bowes (and variants) DNA Project includes many variants and serves two related missions: 1. It helps individual participants gain knowledge about their own family. Individual participants can join to find genetic matches to other participants so they can share knowledge about their unique family history. They also learn what haplogroup their paternal ancestors belong to ... their branch (and sub-branches) on the y chromosome evolutionary tree beginning in Africa. 2. It furthers knowledge in the Bowes (and variants) One-Name Study through the Guild of One-Name Studies ( This project studies all families with the Bowes surname or one of its many variants, regardless of country of origin. It focuses on the origins of the surname(s), the distribution and concentrations of the surname(s), the various lineages, the haplogroups and developing a database of all records relating to these names. While traditional genealogy zooms in on a particular pedigree, one-name studies zoom out on a surname generally. By joining the project you can further your own family research while contributing essential data to the study of these surnames worldwide. By contributing data to the Bowes (and variants) One-Name Study you help provide greater context for understanding your unique family story in the context of the larger story of your surname. The variants listed in the project often appear unrelated phonetically, but they have been chosen using Irish and English surname origin research, along with some of our participants' names. We cast a wide net in this project to try to gather any possible evidence that could substantiate historical theories about the origins of our surnames, even if there may be reason to doubt those theories.



Other surnames in Project

Beuse, Bewes, Boas, Boase, Boaz, Boce, Boe, Boehler, Boes, Boetius, Boewe, Boey, Bohig, Bohill, Bohler, Booe, Booz, Bosse, Bouse, Bow, Bowe, Bowes, Bowige, Bowis, Bows, Bowse, Bowz, Boye, Boyes, Buie, Buo, Buoey, Buoy, Bwee, Bwoy, Böhler, Böwe, de Bowes, MacNaboe, McNaboe

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