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The Braatz Surname Project


The Braatz/Bratz Surname Project provides those of us with a direct male lineage of BRAATZ, and Bratz surnames to identify relationships between lines and to show specific haplotypes which can show our origins, whether it be Viking, Slavic, Germanic, or where ever we may have originated from. Going back to the early and mid 19th century, most of the Braatz families appear to have come from East Central Europe, in and around Pommern. This testing will enable us to better determine where we as a family had been previously, whether migrating from Scandinavia, Slovic areas, moved east from other Prussian areas, or somewhere else. It will also indicate whether the different Braatz lines have recent or distant common ancestors. This amazing, cutting edge technology has the ability to find answers that years of genealogy research cannot. Come join us! For those who communicate in German or Portuguese, you can contact the group co-administrator: Also, for those of you with a single -a- in the spelling of your name and another Portuguese communicator and co-administrator is Eduardo Bratz, at Any of us can help you should you want to join the group.



Other surnames in Project

Braatz, Bratz, Breetz

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