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The Bramlett Surname Project


Welcome! The worldwide Bramlett etc DNA Project has been initiated as a unique tool to enhance your genealogical research. Our aim is to identify and join as many family lines as possible through DNA testing. Both males and females can take the Family Finder test and/or upload your autosomal DNA results from and 23&Me. The Family Finder test crosses both paternal and maternal line reaching out to distant cousins. Male descendents can test for both their direct paternal (Y-DNA) and direct maternal (mtDNA) lines. Females with Bramletts etc in their female line are encouraged to do mtDNA testing for that maternal line, and/or find a male Bramlett etc relative to test for the paternal line and/or take the Family Finder DNA test. This Project is open to all persons researching any of the variant Bramlett spellings. Please join with us and help make this project a tremendous success!



Other surnames in Project

Bamblett, Bamlett, Bramble, Bramblett, Bramblette, Bramblitt, Bramlet, Bramlett, Bramlette, Bramlitt, Bremlight, Bromlet, Brüllmann, however, Pressler, Priestley

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