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The Branam Surname Project


This project is an attempt to allow Branam, Branham, Branan, Brannam, Branum,Brannon and Branom descendants, all spellings, a chance to come together and try to determine who their most recent common Branam ancestors were. It will not prove who the common ancestor is, that is still up to you, but it can save you years of researching the wrong line. Samples must be provided by males with the Branam surname. This project is based on the Y-Chromosome which is passed from father to son. Ladies please have your dad, brother, or male Branam uncle or cousin provide a sample. I receive no compensation and except no liability for the results, the DNA is handled by Family Tree DNA.



Other surnames in Project

Branam, Branan, Branham, Brannam, Brannan, Brannon, Brannum, Branom, Branum, Brennan

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