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The Brandon Surname Project


The purpose of the Brandon DNA project is to expand our genealogical research by confirming or disproving family lines through DNA testing. We would like to determine if the Brandons who first settled in PA and spread south to NC and SC and west to TN, GA, KY, AL, OH, IL, and other states and the Brandons who first appear in VA and spread south and west, share a common ancestry. We would like to know the relationship of these early North American Brandons to the Brandon families of England, Ireland, Scotland, including the Brandons who emigrated from France and Germany. Of course, we would like to include those Brandons who left the European Continent for Australia, New Zealand, etc. We would like to invite all members of the Brandon or derivative surname (Brandin, Brandan, Brandom, Brandham, Brandonberg, Brannon, Brannan, Bragdon) surname worldwide to join our project. This project seeks to determine the connections of all lines of the Brandon family surname.



Other surnames in Project

Bragdon, Brandan, Branden, Brandham, Brandin, Brandom, Brandon, Brandonberg, Brannan, Brannon

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