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The Braswell Surname Project


An independent project sponsored by Carey Bracewell and Rev. Keith Braswell, this group is open to all men with the BRACEWELL/BRASWELL surname or bloodline and also certain others whose last name begins with Brac-, Bras-, or Braz- and is (or was) pronounced to rhyme with 'dazzle'. This includes not only the descendants of Rev. ROBERT BRACEWELL (1611-1668) of Virginia--the largest group-- but also Irish BRASSILs, BRAZILs,and variants; Hugenot BREAZEALEs, Portuguese BRAZILs and anyone else in Soundex B-624 with a surname thus pronounced.



Other surnames in Project

Bracewell, Brasel, Brasell, Braseule, Brasil, Brasile, Brasill, Brasseal, Brasseale, Brassel, Brassell, Brasswell, Braswell, Braswill, Brazael, Brazail, Brazeal(e), Brazel(e), Brazell, Brazial, Braziel, Brazil, Brazile, Brazill, Brazle, Brazwell, Brazzell, Brazzil, Brusselle, Buchanon, Rhymes With 'Dazzle'., Rhymes With 'Dazzle'. Inclu

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