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The Broom Surname Project


BRO*M* & BRUM*s: Brome, Broome, Broom, Brumm, Brougham from everywhere and those surnames that sound like broom & surnames with suffixes added e.g. Bromfield, Bromley, Broomall, Brumble/s, Brummett/e, and with prefixes added e.g. McBroom, etc. If you think your spelling of the name belongs here, please let me (the group administrator) know. We are using DNA analysis to determine which families are connected & which are not & to find incorrect lines. We need your participation. Note that I (the group administrator) will be putting your lineage & results on the web so we & everyone can see who we match with DNA & with lineage & how closely. If this lack of privacy is OK with you, we need your participation. Please select Y-DNA25, 37, or 67. Y-DNA12 is not good enough to distinguish among those of European descent. You can email me without obligation by clicking on 'Contact the Broom Group Administrator'. You may start a project for any of the above surnames & be a member of that project & this project at the same time or leave this project anytime & return anytime. Last rev. 28 Jan 2004 & 16 July 2009.



Other surnames in Project

Bram, Bream, Brem, Brim, Brome, Bromfield, Bromley, Broom, Broomall, Broombaugh, Broome, Broomell, Broomfield, Broomhall, Brougham, Brum, Brumbaugh, Brumbelow, Brumble, Brumbles, Brumet, Brumett, Brumfield, Brumley, Brumm, Brummel, Brummet, Brummett, Brummette, McBroom

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