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The BrosgolEbroRiver Surname Project


BROSGOL, BROZGOLD, GOLD, BROSGALL, BROSGARTH, BROSGILL, and other variations. Males only, please. If you are female and BROSGOL is your paternal surname, you can ask your brother, father, uncle or cousin with the BROSGOL (or variant) surname to test. There are two main objectives of our project. One is to confirm whether or not those of us who have found each other through surname searches are related, to identify others who are related regardless of surname, and to learn more about the family's Sephardic origins. The other goal is to trace the ancestral migration routes from Spain to various parts of the world, including Eastern, Central and Western Europe, North, Central and South America, and elsewhere.



Other surnames in Project

Abroc, Abroz, Acosta, Al Anbry, Al Blooshi, Al Fahd, Al Khobar, Al Tamimy, Al-Hhulaymi, Ambroz, Ambrozic, Anbroz, Ansari, Baker, Banks, Barasch, Barrasch, Barrash, Barrasj, Barresch, Berez, Bereza, Beroza, Blecher, Borst, Brasgold, Broc, Brock, Brodsky, Bros, Brosch, Brosgall, Brosgarth, Brosgill, Brosgol, Brosogold, Bross, Brosz, Brousse, Broz, Brozgal, Brozgol, Brozgold, Brozhgul, Carvalho, Chernew, Chernoff, Cobel, Coble, Cohen, Crouch, Czerner, Davis, de Broz, de Tafalla, deLeon, Dewey, dos Santos, Douglas, Duncan, Eid, Faris, Ferrante, Fiske, Gabler, Garcia, Gobel, Goble, Gobler, Gold, Gonzalez, Gorsky, Gotay, Graham, Grammer, Gray, Grim, Grimes, Helton, Herrera, Hiles, Huroz, Hurroz, Hykawy, Jacobi, Janowitz, Jordan, Kapelius, Kapelushnik, Kaplan, Kizer, Kobel, Kraus, Laniewski, Lerner, Levine, Levy, Lipsky, Lopez, Marchosky, Marchovsky, Melamedavitz, Melondovitch, Merovitz, Miscia, Nello, Nelson, Ortega, Oserowsky, Padua, Padwa, Padwe, Padwee, Padwi, Pallack, Pollack, Preiskel, Preston, Raciti, Rafkin, RAMOS, Randolph, Robertson, Rodriguez, Roman, Rosa, Saez, Salinas, Santiago, Santos, Scott, Scutelski, Scutelsky, Segui, Shumyatsky, Silva, Skutelski, Skutelsky, SMITH, Solano, Tafalla, Tafolla, Tafoya, Thormalen, Urroc, Urrotz, Urroz, Villalobos, Vroz, Vrroz, Yanowitz, Young, Zahn, Zaidin, Zaidins, Zeisler

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