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The Brownlow Surname Project


Before her death in November, 1999, Joyce Brownlow of the UK had done some amazing research in attempting to link the various Brownlow family branches. Paper trails become less common the further back in time we need to go and that can frustrate the finest genealogist. Joyce believed that all Brownlow's of today orginated from a common ancestor who was found in Rivington, Lancashire over 1000 years ago. She found established records of Brownlows fanning out across the UK across the centuries but originating in the Rivington area. I, too, have come to believe that we are all connected. Now, with the technology of studying the Y chromosome of direct male descendants, we may be able to link the lines together where paper trails no longer exist. If you are interested in participating in this research, please let me know and we can take it from there. I want very much to do this for my clan....I feel compelled to do this. It has become my passion. Thanks, Bette Brownlow, PsyD.



Other surnames in Project

Bromley, Brownlee, Brownley, Brownlo, Brownloe, Brownlough, Brownlow, Brownlowe, Brumbelow, Brumlo, Brumloe

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