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The Bunting-Bunton Surname Project


The objective of the Bunting Bunton DNA project is to identify relationships and lineages for the Bunting surname, including variants such as Bunton, Buntin, Bunten, etc. Research has focused on the Bunting family in Derbyshire, England as well as several regions of the USA and other countries, where variant surnames such as Bunton can be shown to be related to the Bunting surname. The project welcomes participants worldwide, in addition to stated focus areas of the UK and USA. DNA tests for the various marker tests are offered, but tests for 37 markers or greater are highly recommended. At the time of application to the study, each testee should sent to the attention of the group administrator, a basic paternal lineage from himself to his earliest proven Bunting ancestor.



Other surnames in Project

Bunten, Buntin, Bunting, Bunton, however, Prontoch, Prunto, Pruntoch

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