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The Burnett Surname Project


The Burnett DNA Project is open to male Burnetts of all surname variants and all spellings from anywhere in the world. Some -- but not all -- of the surnames included in this project are Burnette, Burnet(e), Bernet(t,e), Bernit(t,e), Birnet(t,e), Bornet(t,e), Burnit(t,e). A separate DNA group exists here at FTDNA for Barnett/Barnette/Barnet. We are on friendly terms with that group and stay in touch. Please note that there will be overlapping between the Burnett and Barnett groups due to the difficulty of deciphering the handwriting in old documents. Many Burnett- and Barnett-related surnames appear in various spellings, often within the same document. Poorly formed letters (such as a,o,u, as well as the letters e, i) have resulted in original names being distorted over time. It isn't uncommon for family researchers to have begun studying a surname, only to find that it morphed or changed into a different name in the past. It is important to keep an open mind for the spelling in old documents. It is VERY IMPORTANT that when you receive your DNA results, you go to your personal settings page and choose to compare your results against the ENTIRE DATABASE, NOT just the Burnetts! It is possible that you are related to someone whose name is no longer spelled exactly like yours. A word of caution: 12-marker tests often yield many matches between a man and people of completely different surnames. This means that the matched-up people of different surnames are likely related -- but so long ago in time that it was before surnames were even used. IF a DNA match is found for you, the higher-marker tests will be more accurate in determining kinship within a more recent time frame.



Other surnames in Project

Bernet, Bernete, Bernett, Bernette, Bernit, Bernite, Bernitt, Bernitte, Birnet, Birnete, Birnett, Birnette, Birnit, Birnite, Birnitt, Birnitte, Bornet, Bornete, Bornett, Bornette, Bournet, Bournete, Bournett, Bournette, Brunet, Brunete, Brunett, Brunette, Burnet, Burnete, Burnett, Burnette, Burnit, Burnite, Burnitt, Burnitte

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