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The Burrier Surname Project


This project is currently in need of a group administrator. If you are interested, please contact BURRIER, BORGER,BERRIER, BOURGHER, BERGER and BURGER are some of the spellings of surnames used interchangably in the records of the families many of us have researched for years. If your surname is one of the above or even sounds similar, please join our group DNA Project. We currently have DNA analyis results from six different family lines with which to compare future DNA test results.While testing of the Y-Chromosome requires DNA swabbings from a male participant, women can also participate and join the research group by encouraging and/or funding the participation of a father, brother, or other male relation. Another alternative is a contribution to the General Fund of the Burrier-Borger DNA Project which you might target to a particular family line. Please contact a project coordinator or check the website at instruction on how that can be done.The BURRIERs and BORGERs we started DNA research with initially settled in southeastern Pennsylvania and Frederick, Maryland. Later generations along with other famiies moved westward forming clusters in Ohio,Iowa,Wisconsin and Texas.Participants in the Genographic Project with related surnames are most welcome to join the Burrier-Borger DNA Project.



Other surnames in Project

Berger, Berrier, Borger, Bourgher, Burger, Burket, Burrier

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