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The BuseyBuceyBucy Surname Project


This surname project is for Y-DNA and atDNA of Busey/Bucey/Bucy descendants. Male descendants of the surname of Busey ? Bucey - Bucy or variant spellings are encouraged to join this new project. There are many who carry this surname, though different branches spell it differently. Please see the family website at ...... The purpose of this project is to verify the common ancestors among the various Busey ? Bucey ? Bucy lines and to identify those atDNA segments that are common to many Busey descendants. We believe that most of the American lines descend from Paul Busey who arrived in Maryland around 1651 - but the paper trail is missing on several branches. Also, while we are fairly certain he arrived from England, the American branches have yet to connect with any English ancestors. We hope that this study will provide support for the assumed connections and permit the Americans to also connect with the European cousins, and vice versa. ...... The Y-DNA testing should also provide information on the ethnic and geographic origins of the Busey family. As this is a surname project, the main participants will be taking the Y-DNA test and should be males carrying the Busey ? Bucey ? Bucy surname. The Y-DNA test is only available for males, and is based upon the science that the Y-chromosome is passed from father to son and remains nearly unchanged through the generations. A male Busey/Bucey/Bucy of today will carry an almost exact match of the Y-Chromosome from many generations back. ...... Spellings are numerous and include Bewsey, Beusey, Boucy. This family is distinct from the Bussey family which originated in Maryland with George Bussey ? a contemporary of Paul Busey. It is clear from the colonial records that the two surnames did not share a common pronunciation, though some records do reflect an incorrect spelling of the surnames. ...... This is a new project; however, with the abundance of male descendants, we have high hopes for a strong participation that will provide us all with information on the various lines as well as the deep ancestral origin of the family. ...... If you do not see your surname spelling here, please contact Group Administrator P. Paschke at



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Bucey, BUCY, Busey

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