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The Button Surname Project


BUTTON or any other reasonable spelling variations are welcome to join the project. This project is designed to test only the Y-chromosomes of the males DNA so that only male BUTTONS (or variant of that name) will benefit by participating. The Y-chromosomes are passed down from father to son to son and so on. Overtime some of the Y-chromosomes change or mutate and those changes are also passed down to the sons. Certain chromosomes change at different rates. Accordingly, by comparing the changes or markers in the Y-chromosomes it is possible to use probability to determine the likelihood that a person with similar, yet different DNA, are related to within so many generations. The more markers tested the greater the accuracy of the test. It is recommended that if a person wants test for common ancestors since 1700, a minimum of 37 markers should be tested. GOAL: It is hoped that this project well help identify cousins and confirm family groups. This test can also identify the origin of different Button lines prior to coming to the United States.



Other surnames in Project

Burton, Button

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