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The Calvert Surname Project


The CALVERT (and variant spellings) Surname Y-DNA Study's central theme and progress is found via the auspices of the FT/DNA Surname project. See detail and description for more information at the Family Tree DNA page for the Calvert Surname project. The Project Home Page at FT/DNA is located here: Our FT/DNA Home Page The Y-DNA testing for the Calvert surname, as well as its variants, will aid researchers to establish links between the numerous unconnected Calvert lineages which have reached a brick wall in tracing their ancestry. Males with the surname Calvert, or one of its variants, are all cordially invited to become test participants. We also have begun an associated MT/DNA project. Please review the information from FamilyTreeDNA for information on mitochondrial DNA. We encourage those interested to assist in finding Calverts of male descent, even with dis-similar surnames to become a participant in the project. (For those with dis-similar surnames: if your family history indicates that Calvert ancestry is in the genetic ancestry) Current participants' pedigrees can be viewed on our website. This is an ongoing project and growing by leaps and bounds. Test participants, and anyone else interested in the Calvert Surname Y-DNA Study, may join our project's mailing list at Yahoo Groups. You must be a registered yahoo user to access the group. this was done in order to prevent spam and unsolicited email. When you click on the link below, you will be taken to Yahoo Groups. Since you are not a member, you must request membership to the group. If you are not registered, you will need to register with yahoo to get a yahoo id in order to join any group. The Discussion group is found at: The Calvert Research Group We Have a WEBPAGE FOR CALVERT GENEALOGY:



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